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Federal Prison Life for Inmates – Federal Prison System Federal Prison Life for Inmates – Federal Prison System

What Is Federal Prison Like? Surviving Life In Minimum Security Prisons.



With the U.S. federal prison population growing at unprecedented rates, time behind bars is now the unfortunate reality of many relatively normal Americans.

For these people and their relatives, Federal-Prison.org provides a comprehensive resource of unbiased information that is needed now more than ever.

Federal-Prison.org is the leading resource for information relating to life in federal prison and has been featured by Bloomberg, Reuters, The Guardian, Google News, and multiple other media outlets.

Once reserved for hardened criminals, with a barrage of new laws and strict sentencing guidelines, increasingly time in federal prison is the fate of an alarming number of relatively ‘normal’ Americans. Indeed today in the U.S. nearly 1% of the population sits behind bars at the county, state, and federal levels. Upon the inception of the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in 1930, the total federal prison population was a mere 13,000. Today that number stands at nearly 220,00 with the BOP itself stating that they expect this number to rise in the coming years.

Federal-Prison.org is a resource for the person who may have never considered that one day they would find themselves facing time in federal prison.

The site is also a valuable source of information for
friends and relatives of such individuals. Please note that information provided has been written with the minimum and lower level security prisons in mind. The Knowledge Base section contains dozens of original articles related to federal prison with subjects like taking a shower in federal prison, doing time in the hole in federal prison, and the black market in federal prison. The News section includes the latest federal prison related news, while The Guide offers Federal Prison: A Comprehensive Survival Guide, which is widely regarded as the bible of minimum and low security federal prison survival.

Below is a quick look at the current state of the federal prison system in the U.S. Data is as of February 2012.

  • Total number of federal prisons – 201
  • Total number of staff – 38,132
  • Annual budget – $6.7 billion
  • Federal prison inmate population in 1980 – 24,252
  • Federal prison inmate population in 2012 – 216,651
  • Percentage increase in the federal prison inmate population between 1980 and 2012 – 893%
  • Percentage of inmates who will return to federal prison within three years of release – 16%
  • Average federal prison inmate age – 39
  • Federal inmate population by sex: Male 93%; Female 6.4%

Federal prisons are divided into different security levels. Most white collar and lower level drug offenders are sent to Federal Prison Camps (FPC’s). These minimum security federal prisons typically house inmates who are serving less than 10 years, do not have a history of violence, and are not considered an escape risk. Sex offenders are not eligible to serve at FPC’s. Low Security Federal Correctional Institutions (FCI Low) have double-fenced perimeters, mostly dormitory housing, and strong work and program components. The staff-to-inmate ratio in these institutions is higher than in minimum-security facilities. Medium Security Federal Correctional Institutions (FCI Medium) have strengthened perimeters (often double fences with electronic detection systems), cell-type housing, a wide variety of work and treatment programs, and an even higher staff-to-inmate ratio than low-security institutions, providing greater internal controls.

High-security institutions, also known as United States Penitentiaries (USPs), have highly secure perimeters (either walled or double fenced), multiple- and single-occupant cell housing, and close staff supervision and movement controls.

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Federal Medical Center Devens

Survive In PrisonTime in prison used to be something that was the sole domain of hardened criminals but more and more normal Americans are finding themselves incarcerated. With almost 1 in every 100 of the population of the United States behind bars the country’s prison population is currently higher than it has ever been before.

With so many people, both inmates and their loved ones, fearful of what to expect in prison many people are asking just what the federal prison system is like. Federal-prison.org is a resource that provides useful information about life in the prison system and how offenders can help to ensure that their time inside is at a minimum and goes as smoothly as possible.

As an online source you get access to useful information about how everything works in prison, access to free consultation from some of the country’s leading prison experts, a sentence calculator so you can calculate your actual time served and access to a guide which gives all the information you will need in great detail.

Federal-prison.org gives valuable information on how to survive in prison for minimum and low security inmates so it is ideal for prisoners that are probably not of the hardened variety. Even many devoted family people are finding themselves serving a custodial sentence, making federal prison an essential resource for countless people around the country.

Minimum Security Federal Prisons

Prison LifeLife inside prison is very much different to a life of freedom and it can take some adjusting to. While in federal prison you will have to adhere to the prison’s own rules and regulations while you must also learn to adjust to new social situations with your fellow inmates.

The federal prison guide has been written by a former inmate and compiled using a great deal of research to help new inmates and their loved ones to learn what they need to know about life inside a federal prison. Important concerns such as the possibility of assaults are answered in addition to other questions that will educate any inmate to on what they need to know about surviving federal prison in Florida or any other state.

The federal prison guide offers valuable information on what rights you have in prison and what facilities you will have access to. You will also receive insights on how to interact with other inmates and what you can expect from them in return. Having access to such information will help inmates that are new to the system adjust as quickly as possible while also letting their loved ones know how they can help.

If you are facing jail time in FMC Devens or any other minimum or low security prison in the country, the federal prison guide will help you to learn all you need to know to make your time inside as comfortable as it can be.

Daily Life in Federal Jail

Federal PrisonsOnce sentenced to time in prison in any facility the burning question for the majority of inmates is just how long they will have to stay in for. Calculating your expected release date can become quite confusing as there are numerous factors to take into account.

Knowing a potential release date can help inmates prepare for their time inside which can help to make prison life for inmates easier. Information about halfway houses and for how long a prisoner may be allowed to serve their time in a halfway house can also be extremely useful to any inmate. It is not only the inmate themselves that benefit but also their families because when armed with knowledge of when somebody that supports them will be released, they will find it easier to plan their own lives on the outside. It also helps inmates and their families to better deal with issues such as business interests and employment so they can pick their lives up again once released.

Federal-prison.org offers not only information on surviving prison camps but also for making life as easy as possible for all concerned. Many inmates of the United States minimum and low security prison system have benefited greatly from the sentence calculator and the guide, and you can too. Armed with the right knowledge, you can at least have peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with the situation the best you can.

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