General FAQs

Here you will find original articles relating to preparing for and surviving federal prison. For comprehensive information relating to these topics and more please see The Guide.

When was the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) formed?

How many federal prisons are there?

How many federal inmates are there?

What are the different level federal prison security levels?

What percentage of federal inmates are women?

Are federal inmates sent to a prison close to their home?

Can a judge order a defendant to serve time at a specific federal prison?

Are conjugal visits allowed in federal prison?

What is UNICOR?

What is Good Conduct Time?

Is there federal parole?

Is it true that a person can serve time in state and federal prison for the same crime?

What is a Pre Sentence Report (PSR)?

Is violence common in federal prison?

Is sexual assault common in federal prison?

Are new inmates allowed to bring anything with them to federal prison?

What is the difference between self-surrender and remanded custody?

Do federal inmates have to work?

How much do federal inmates earn for working?

Can federal inmates practice any religion they choose?

What happens to those with medical conditions who are sentenced to federal prison?

Are special diets available in federal prison?

What kind of items can be purchased in federal prison?

How much money do federal inmates need?

Are federal inmates permitted to smoke cigarettes?

What is a furlough?

Are federal prisons dangerous?

Do federal inmates have access to the internet?

What entertainment options do federal inmates have?

What physical fitness options do federal inmates have?

What are the rules regarding telephone use in federal prison?

Are federal inmates permitted to possess pornography?

What is the hole?

Is all mail sent to federal prison opened and read by the guards?

What am I allowed to send my friend who is in federal prison?

How are pedophiles treated in federal prison?

What are the showers like in federal prison?

What are the bathrooms like in federal prison?

What kind of clothing do federal inmates where?

What is a halfway house?

What is supervised release?

Are felons allowed to travel internationally?