Man Robs Bank For One Dollar – Hopes to be sent to federal prison

A man in Pennsylvania has robbed a bank for a dollar with the hopes of being sent to a nearby federal prison. Jeffrey McMullen, a 50-year-old regular customer of an AmeriServ bank in the town of Northern Cambria yesterday passed a note to a teller demanding $1. The teller assumed it was some kind of twisted joke, but Jeffrey insisted it was anything but. The police arrived and he was arrested. While he did not make clear his reason for wanting to be sent to federal prison, it’s been a desire of many in the past who see the free food and board in addition to some medical care as a reasonable alternative to unemployment. For others, the camaraderie  of prison is simply missed. In 1975 an Arkansas man stopped two police officers and asked to be arrested so that he could be sent to federal prison where his friends were.

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