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Poker Odds – How to Know Your Chances to Win?

Poker has been a popular casino game for many years. Video poker was introduced in the 70s, and today you can play this game in many online casinos. Poker is the best option for those who like skill games, the possibility of large wins, the anonymity of a single player game. You get cards and you decide which cards to hold or discard. Any of your decisions should be based on knowledge of the basic rules of the game and logic. Also, you should know your poker hand odds to play wiser.

Basic Game Rules

Poker starts with an initial bank – here Big Blind and Small Blind forced bets are used. The initial bank increases during the game and it is the first incentive for players. If you chose poker in the Live Casino section, the game process will be much similar to how it happens in a real gaming room – after the cards are dealt, players begin to take turns. Choosing a video poker, you will play yourself against the dealer (remember about video poker odds).

When it is your turn, you can do any of the following:

  • Check is when you do not want to open bets. All players remain in the hand if they select this option.
  • Bet – players make bets, and the rest must make a call if they wish to remain in the hand – their bets must correspond to the established bet amount.
  • Do not forget to determine your poker odds knowing your hand – any decision should be deliberate and consistent with the current state.
  • Fold is a desire to refuse to participate in the current hand, which means that your hand was futile.
  • Call and Raise are the acceptance of the current bet and increasing its amount.

The actions described above work in any version – three card poker or an old-school option with four cards.

Hands in Poker

Your success depends on the cards in your hand. Here are some of the most common combinations:

  • Royal flush matches the A-K-Q-J-10 combination in your hand.
  • Straight flush is a combination of 8-7-6-5-4 cards.
  • Four of a kind is J-J-J-J-7 (7 Diamond) suite.
  • Full house is 10H-10D-10S-9C-9D.
  • Flush is a combination of any cards of the same suit.

The combinations listed above are presented in decreasing order of their value. In addition, there are many other poker combinations that you need to know in order to be able to determine your poker odds.

Some Useful Tips

Learn these points to be more successful:

  • Use your knowledge of rules and hands ranking.
  • Examine your odds according to your chosen version of poker – for example 3 card poker odds and so on.
  • Start by small amounts betting.
  • Think about opponents’ cards – counting cards will help you with forecasting.
  • Avoid excessive bluffing.

Do not forget that your poker odds also depend on your mood – do not play when you are angry or depressed.

Best Poker Options at Casinos

We recommend Texas Hold’em and Omaha as the best options for beginners as they have the simplest rules. Many online casinos offer these versions of poker, as they are most popular and offer the best odds among other variations.

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